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Rewards App

All the CK Reward App in one Place.

Best NFT rewards app in Metaverse , Cool Kitties is getting into METAVERSE for the land acquisition to get and give benifits to all the Kitti. We’ve earned the trust of our users by providing them with all the tips, rewards, and couponsthey need in order to make their lives that much easier. See what we’re up to today and begin your journey to simplicity.

Rewards App: App Updates

Reward App will be Available Soon!

Launching Soon after the Mint Launch.

There will be guaranteed Rewards for all the Kitty's Holders here with the app they can directly claim there rewards on the single app functionality.

New Features Will be Released

With time to time the updates and features will be available for all the Kitty's holders. There will be a lot of exiting features there will be a lot of rewards for the Kitty's and Non  Kitty's holders.

See the latest at Cool Kitties. Subscribe now to see how our App is changing the world.

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