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Below is a roadmap outlining the milestones we have planned for the project, including the establishment of a Community Reward and Platform, growth, monetization, tooling and more.

💡 idea  implementation, Launch of website & building organic community.

🚀Launch on 11th April 2022 5 pm UTC.

🐱Cool Kitties🐱 cat collection mint start.

🎁Rewards distribution for CK holders and SOL Collectors 20% for Minted CK in SOL.

🤖Provide rarity, analytics tools & sales bots for CK holders.

🐱Integrate CK into Discord for member verification.

💳Launch of Gift Cards system for all the CK Minters and Holders, Guaranteed E-Store gift cards for all the CK holders depend upon their hold share.

🛍️Acquire a secondary marketplace for Passive reward for CK Holders.

🎁Deliver #31 days of airdrops Every day in June. CK holders will have a chance to win free NFT & SOL Trick-or-Treat airdrops from CK Collectors,or ultra-rare CK.

🔨Open source of our Reward tools We’ve Developed,to automate our #31days of airdrops and plan on open sourcing this to the public. We want to give the SOL ecosystem another little taste of,what the Kitties Crew is capable of delivering.

🏪Release CK Store, Launch CK Store, Shoping cool things with CK Native Tokens in the SOL NFT space.

✨Launch CKSwap in addition help for funding CK Native token #CKM. Establish CKSwap Treasury for CK Native Token and adding liquidity pair with SOL.

📦Release CK Staking Box will additionally help holders to earn some rewards. Benefits/discounts will be provided to CK holders.

💻Launch dedicated webpages for CK Rewards and airdrops Hosted pages for all CK be by owners to connect with their CK, airdrops, and more.

🐱💻Make CK merchant Setting and Launch up a CKShop on the iconic products CK brand a portion of the merch royalties will go to a CK community wallet, and CKSWAP members will receive a discount on merchandise.

🔜More coming soon.🔜

Roap-Map: Our App
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